Jo and Sabine are known and respected for their passion as professional leaders, developers, and visionaries. At TORTOISE GROUP we create change with management to drive businesses forward. We find better ways to provide businesses with tools to improve their everyday operation.


The core pillars of a business are based on the strength of the HR and Finance functions, but these are often functions that are neglected whilst business focuses on driving their end product of service forward.


That is where we step in, offering the expertise in finding the solutions that are uniquely driven by HR and Finance in your business.


Our mission is to ensure the longevity of your business by providing the tools necessary to develop those overarching process road-maps in the HR and Finance space.  Our actions, goals, and beliefs begin and end with the focus on empowering our customer while staying humble and nimble.


If you are searching for ways to make your business work better through the implementation of a business plan, leadership coaching, HR & Finance gap analysis and solution planning then we want to work with you.